Forgiveness – What It Doesn’t Mean

Having someone hurt you is not an easy thing to understand. It’s certainly not something that I like to experience and I’m sure you don’t either.  Here are 4 things that I have learned from it. 1. People make mistakes and they don’t always handle situations correctly. Sometimes they fall short. Truth be told, I am one of those people too. Are you? So, I choose to … Continue reading Forgiveness – What It Doesn’t Mean

Ever had a day like this?

Ever had a day like this? Everything is going along great, making progress, enjoying life and then… Something seemingly out of nowhere knocks you down. No, I’m not talking about physically being knocked down but mentally and emotionally. You know the feeling. It is just about the worst thing ever. And not even so much the fact that you were knocked down, which is undoubtedly … Continue reading Ever had a day like this?


I am reminded why I quit polish. Ok, for one I can’t paint my right hand worth anything lol. And two, just when you think they are dry….this occurs. Arrrrgh. Lovely color though, here is my better hand with Jamberry Nails Sweet Nothing 🙂 So pretty! What polish/nail wrap combos do you like to do? Continue reading Reminders